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Death.my is a small calendar site dedicated to the dearly-missed in Malaysia.  We believe official communication mediums are effective in distributing death notices to friends and loved ones instantly, but there is still a need for a permanent virtual space for the departed to be found by those who remembers them.  Most importantly, be part of the healing process and make new friends along the way.

If this site proves to be useful, feel free to drop a few kind words to friends & families affected by their losses.  Click here to read the personal reasons & experiences in creating this site from my blog.  Thanks for visiting Death.my. – Jack

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Death.my”

  1. I’ve been working on a family tree since Dec 2010. I currently have 1,477 people in the tree so I’ve worked very hard on it! It wasn’t easy because I’m from Malaysia but currently live in Canada and most of my relatives and ancestors are still in Malaysia. I am thankful for NewspapersSG for digitizing newspapers since before 1890 but I can only access the digitized versions online until about 30 years ago. For the more recent newspapers, I have to physically go to Singapore and look it up.
    So I was glad to find death.my (referred to me via a relative in Malaysia) so that I could look up more recent articles. Jack has done a good job in scanning in articles at a high resolution.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Dear Jac,
    Thank you for your efforts on this site. I was deeply saddened at the recent loss of my close relative. Unfortunately, I now live in the UK so I am thankful for setting up this token of rememberance.
    Best wishes,
    Lu Shin

  3. Dear Jackson,

    Thank you for the site. It has helped me locate obituaries for 2 of my parents. I wish you well with maintaining the site and providing a valuable service for those who have lost their loved ones.

    Best wishes
    S Thiagarajah


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