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  1. Hello, back in 1955 I met Teddy in London. He had been doing a PPE course at Oxford (after he was sent down). But Teddy had an exuberance and wit. That was an attitude to life we shared. Through Teddy I met Dennis Chung(Chung Kok Yen) – who in fact was to be my best man at my wedding with Filipina Alegria Estrealldo. Still married after 52 years. As an Englishman (well, half Welsh and half Australian) those were fun days – it was a mark of intelligent conciousness. Today as a 77-year old engineer journalist I can and still and do look on life in an optimistic sense and Teddy knew how to be happy and appreciate life and friendship.Tonight, in my home in Italy, I suddenly recalled Teddy as Eu Peng Beng – we used to be amused by the two different forms of personal nomeclature. It is with a mixture of sadness and treasured memories that I fortuitously came across Teddy’s Obituary. I wish I had had the opportunity to catch up with the many friends that hailed from KL such as Rusland and Saied. Moreover I haven’t caug uhtp with others from Penang such as DEnnis and his family members such as as Kenny, Henry, Leong and others. It was a great time discovering the world and I can’t let this opportunity pass to say all the best for Tedy. Quite coincidently his sister visited our apartment in London mny years ago – adding another link with the past.
    The moral of my note is to catch up with friends now, before itis too late to share old times to point out how right we were.

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