Lazarus Goh Kim Eng


Mr. Lazarus Goh Kim Eng

(17th December 1913 – 5th July 2010)

Beloved Husband of Mdm. Soh Kheng Giak

(1st December 1913 – 28th April 2004)

Aged 97, passed away peacefully at 12:15am on 5th July 2010.  He leaves behind:


  • Ir Col Raymond Goh Boon Pah (RME Ret) KMN ADK ACM PPA PPM BE MMIM PEng.
  • Ir Goh Boon Lin, BE PEng.
  • Capt Goh boon Cheng, AMN (RMAF Ret)
  • Goh Boon Tiek, BE MIEM.


  • Magdalene Goh Kooi Sim


  • Chin Oi Cheng
  • Hong Ah San
  • Maria Moh Swee Chuo
  • Wong Sook Peng


  • Goh Yeu Hoo


  • Aileen Goh Seok Khim
  • Caroleen Goh Poh Khim
  • Angie Goh Ean Khim
  • Evelyn Goh Kah Hooi


  • Marcel Gan Boo Kheng
  • Darian Lim Wee Seen
  • Chong Yit Keong
  • Jason Ng We fong


  • Eric Goh Beng Tuan
  • Erwin Goh Beng Thiam
  • Gregory Goh Beng Hock
  • David Goh Beng Yew
  • Colin Goh Beng Chuan


  • Angeline Goh Guek Khim
  • Rosaleen Goh Siew Khim
  • Adelyn Goh Phiak Hooi
  • Nicole Goh Phiak Khim
  • Jacklyn Goh Seoh Hooi

Great Grandchildren

  • Janine Gan Mei-Xing
  • Alyssa Lim Jia Xin
  • Jayden Yiheng Chong
  • Alynna Lim Jia Yin
  • Derek ng Chee Meng
  • Aerin Gan Mei-Xian

Source: The Star, 6th July 2010, Page N43

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