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  1. The late Mr Kirpal Singh Gill, whom many addressed Him as ” Bhai Sahib”, simply means, ” Mr. Brother ” was, to me, a Being with the Highest Spirituality while He was on Earth.

    i was blessed with a very rare privilege of being able to know Bhai Sahib Ji at very close quarter for more than a decade.

    It was destiny that i met Bhai Sahib in 1994 and from thereon, i learnt and “Received” from & through Him, abundant of wonderful, practical & beneficial spiritual experiences not only for myself but for my family and His followers.

    I have been prompted, since 2005, to write regarding my spiritual experiences which would involved our beloved Sri Bhai Sahib Ji. There are reasons, or rather, excuses for this delay. Nevertheless, these books shall be released soon to the world at large.

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