4 thoughts on “Baby Porchelvi”

  1. Dearly missed by Jeyapiragas.
    You left me so suddenly.
    No words to describe the loss.
    Nothing will ever be the same again for me.
    No one can help me overcome your absence.
    No one can understand my love and adoration I have for you.
    God help me keep my sanity.

    • Condolence to you and family Jeyapiragas. Sorry for your loss, but please stay strong for your family – they need you to get through this.

  2. I am in Canada today. Dear, I miss you so much and nothing can fill the void. We looked forward to this trip together. It is so unfortunate that I am here alone.
    I wish you will know the pain in my heart. I am so sorry you are not here. Wish the fruits of your womb will be your dreams come true. Miss you dear Baby Porchelvi.

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